About Me

Hello! Welcome to my website filled with art, imagination, and weirdness. My name is Masha, and I am a student at New York University, majoring in photography. Something about me? Well, I moved to the other side of the world — from Russia to the US — when I was 14. Couldn't accept myself the way I am till last year, suffered from a severe illness for 40 months, got emotionally traumatized when I was a child, and almost hit by a car last week. But here I am. Not surviving. Thriving. Thankful for every day. That's just the way to do it.

Something about my lifestyle? Hobbies? I enjoy writing movie scripts, cycling, singing and listening to music (nonstop!). Favorite food? Easy. Everything bagel with cream cheese. One thing from my bucket list? Find a decent boyfriend.

All my artworks are inspired by the events or people that had a significant impact on my life journey.

Have questions or want to collaborate and do an art project together? My info is below! Always down to create and make this world even crazier than it is already.

Art keeps me alive.