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Why photography?
Photography lets me see and appreciate the world better. Through this medium, I constantly discover something that I admire, or even adore, about my surroundings. I perceive photography as some sort of an enigma which allows you to express your emotions without using words as well as storing some of the most significant moments from one’s life by simply clicking a button. Photography has taught me how to stay in the here and now, understand the power of light and color, and expand my imagination.

What are your interests besides photography?
I recently got into writing movie scripts that are based on true stories from my life. I mean, of course, did not forget to use my imagination in some of them. I also love strawberry cream cheese, movies from the 80’s, and hip-hop music. Don’t know if those could be considered interests, though.

Is your work available for purchase?
Last year, I have auctioned off some of my photos to benefit Best Buddies International which is an organization that supports individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD) . I even made my first short film about the experience I had when working with Best Buddies. The movie is called Mission Possible, and it is about how each person has a unique purpose/goal to fulfill. You can access it in the link below.
Mission Possible

Where can I view your work?
Visit the galleries on my website and follow me on Instagram @_whoismasha_. I am working on displaying some of my work in public in the near future, so stay tuned for details!